Lessons from Indian Weddings – 1

I hate attending Indian weddings as to me they represent oppression and subjugation of woman and how everything is skewed in favour of men, apart from the fact of having to listen to old woman giving me advice on how to be the perfect Indian wife?! Some are unavoidable and I will chronicle what stood out to me.

Lesson 1 – If girls were Televisions, once she is married her remote control is automatically passed on from her parents to her in laws and husband. They can decide what she wears and she can consider herself lucky if they allow her to wear modern clothes.

RK did not want to wear a sari a day after the wedding as they were travelling by car for a long time and it was very hot. She had to ask her Mother in law, if it was okay and got the green signal. Then my aunt started off as to how she could wear a salwar kameez instead of a sari right a day after the wedding.

She also had to wear a 9 yard sari after the wedding while going to the temple but the groom could wear comfortable clothes.


  1. Why do women have to ask their in laws if they can wear? Ever seen guys asking if it was okay to wear western shirts? Even what we wear is decided by our in laws/husband?
  2. Why is wearing a sari mandatory for the bride but the guy can wear western suits during the reception/certain ceremonies?
  3. Why does the woman have to wear heavy jewellery from head to toe indicating her marital status while men don’t?

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