Bugs, Dragonflies and Elephants

Today is a pretty relaxing day at work. We were talking about pets and animals and I recounted all the creatures I had played with when I was young. I used to be crazy about having a pet and wanted to have so many animals (enough for a zoo I guess) during my childhood.

I have played with

  •  Dragonflies – We used to catch them with shrubs and made up so many stories with them. The most common one was this green one, which we used to call worker. Then we had these pretty blue ones which was females according to us and this green/yellow one which was the military guy as it resembled the Indian army uniform ha ha
Source: http://www.naturemagnified.com/2010/03/ground-skimmer-dragonfly.html

  •  I love anything soft and furry and when it used to rain, we used to collect these red velvety bugs (Dinothrombium   sp.). I remember once when it rained heavily and these bugs come out of their holes, we ended collecting over 100 live ones and played with them. I even tried to keep one as a pet in a matchbox and brought it all the way from one town to another in a span of two days. I used to have it by my bed but then it ran away one night and I looked for it everywhere in the morning and I was so upset.
Guess I was not the only kid who loved to play with these 🙂

  • We were talking about elephants and since people in the west do not really come across elephants (camels and snakes too) unlike Indians who have seen them in temples and in other places, I have a strong desire to hug a baby elephant today. They are so adorable with their hair sticking out and cute little trunks. Don’t you think?


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