Every Woman Must Get Married

Every woman must get married. Period. That’s what our society indoctrinates us with. While, I have nothing against marriage whatsoever, I feel this pressure to get married and stay married is extremely intense in our society. It’s not like marriage is the be all and end all of life.

The saddest part is even highly qualified women, though not happy about the guy they are marrying; see no other option except marrying. They may have lived abroad, be financially independent and yet they would rather marry a guy they do not like and be unhappy rather than postpone marriage for 3 years. Women who are in unhappy marriages, insist that every woman must get married. Old women, young women, educated, uneducated, employed, unemployed, married, unmarried, parents, siblings – everyone insists that a woman must get married and stay married.

All these people give the same answer when asked why should we marry? – No other choice. We have to get married. What else can you do? You can’t escape our society.

Who says so? Other systems do exist. Is being in an unhappy marriage better than being single and happy? Is it impossible to be happy when you are single?

I am not anti-marriage. I am pro-choice. No one should be forced to marry if they do not want to; to the person they do not want to. Women are not time bombs waiting to go off, if  not married by a certain age.

We should be able to marry when we want to, whom we want to and how we want to and not because our society expects us to. We have to live our lives not the society.

Is giving every human this choice so difficult in our society?


7 thoughts on “Every Woman Must Get Married

  1. Agreed!!! I get comments like ” No matter what.. A girl cannot stay alone in the society! (Meaning may be she ll turn into a “Slut”! or She ll be harrassed by other men waiting for single woman..” .. I answered back saying ” Do married woman never get killed or raped?? and I can always have extra marrital affairs .. ” The news I hear the most is deaths due to dowry harrassment and the thing that mostly goes unheard of is marital rape!!
    I would not marry till I trust the guy that he wont rape me after marriage…

  2. ‘We should be able to marry when we want to, whom we want to and how we want to and not because our society expects us to. We have to live our lives not the society.’ Absolutely! No questions about that.

    Sadly, most people in our country do not have these choices. They are expected to marry when people(elders, society) dictate, then have children as per other people’s plans.. If only women had the choice of deciding when and whom she wants to marry – the rest of the things would just fall into place, automatically..

  3. Nice post. Though the pressure is more on the woman to get married, this applies to men too in our society. Have a cousin who is in 30s, highly educated and settled in life but has no interest in marrying for his own reasons. But almost everyone around cant wait to remind him about his ‘wasted life.’ Regardless of what you do or what you are in life, the ultimate aim of society is to see you ‘happily’ married with few kids running around the house.

  4. True. I can feel the pressure building up around me but at the same time, it is so difficult to break this indoctrination in others irrespective of education or wealth. There are so many other paths…

  5. Brilliant post!!!!!! Just left a comment on the previous post which says about the same thing. The freedom from having to marry a certain kind of man, by a certain age is maybe the biggest freedom for any woman. It opens up possibilities.

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