All they ask for is a choice

  • Must I study only engineering/medicine?
  • With whom shall I hang out – males? Females? Both?
  • When shall I return home?
  • What shall I wear – short clothes? Western wear? Traditional clothes?
  • Must I cook? Do all the household chores?
  • Should I work?
  • Should I date?
  • Must I marry?
  • Should I spend all my/my parent’s savings on my wedding?
  • How old should I be when I marry?
  • Whom shall I marry?
  • Who will choose who I marry?
  • Should I give dowry?
  • Should I give the money I earn to my parents after marriage or only my husband’s family?
  • Should I even have children?
  • Should I only have a son?
  • Should I divorce if I am in an abusive marriage?
  • Should I even ask for a choice or just for permission?

They do not ask for your permission, all they ask for is a choice, an opportunity to choose to do what they like not the society thinks they should.


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