Why? The wedding Edition

A lot of questions came up in my head when I had heard of some upcoming weddings.

  • Why do we all end up spending most of our parents’ savings on weddings? Why the hell should Indians have grand weddings and waste money? Can’t we just celebrate it simply and spend the rest of the money on house/car/useful things?
  • Why do we have to show off at weddings?  This includes showing off of wealth, clothes, jewellery, the beauty of the woman, the fact that it was an arranged marriage…
  • Why do we waste so many resources, especially food during weddings?
  • Why do we judge women at weddings depending on the worth of their clothes and how much gold jewellery they are wearing at the wedding?
  • Why can we not marry someone we love and want but marry what the society thinks is correct?
  • Why does the bride’s family have to cower before the grooms family and be extremely stressed/careful that nothing undue happens which might offend the groom’s family?
  • Why does everyone tell the bride to go and serve her husband like a good wife should, the moment the wedding is over?
  • Why does everyone expect the bride to always be in a sari after the wedding? Why can’t we dress the way we please?
  • Why the heck does the woman have to wear silk saris and 10,000 garlands disabling her from even turning her head around?
  • Why must every Indian woman get married and remain married even if she is treated like shit ( for society’s sake)?

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