Why? – Valentine’s Day Edition

Not that I am into celebrating it and been too tired this past few weeks to think of anything else, but since today is Valentine’s Day, I though I would raise a few questions.

  • Why is our society so against something as natural as love between young men and women? We glorify romantic love in movies and epics but in our current day to day lives, we demonize love.
  • Why is interaction between the opposite sexes so restricted but when you get married (the arranged way, of course!), why are you suddenly supposed to be very comfortable with and love a person of the opposite sex.
  • Why do we claim to worship women, but actually treat them as money-making machines, maids, cooks and someone with no opinions of her own? Why can’t we love them and cherish them?
  • Why are the so-called moral police bothered about Valentine’s Day celebrations and love? Why do they care if couples meet up and do what they want?
  • Why do we love our weddings, when we know someone’s lifetimes savings are going into it for sake of status?
  • Why do women claim to love their men, even if they are not treated well and stick to them?
  • Why don’t we love our daughters?
  • Why do we hate women?

So, should my blog and post be censored as it has love and women in the same lines? Am I corrupting our youth and our great culture?

Source : http://blogs.20minutos.es/madrereciente/files/bg_8530360.jpg

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