Ten years ago…

Ten years ago…

We were moving from one town to another. Dad had gone to fetch more of our luggage from the another place. Before that, he found a porter at the railway station to help us carry our 2 large suitcases to our train compartment. The porter was an old man.

We ended up talking and he told us how he landed there in this city as a porter.

“When I see you, I remember my daughters”.

He used to be a business man in his village. Lost all his money, savings and sold his business  to get his daughters married off.

“I have some respect and standard in my town. I and my wife cannot work as laborers in our hometown. That’s why we came to this city.”

I had tears in my eyes as I heard his story (in the local language).

A 65 year old man and his wife, helpless and poor in a big city because our society demands spending on a daughter’s wedding, even if you go below the poverty line as a result.

I swore I am not gonna be a liability for my parents, just because I am a female not matter what the society says. 10 years have passed but the incident is fresh in my memory. It left an impact and a sadness in my heart which time could not erase…


One thought on “Ten years ago…

  1. Not just dowry – which is caused by another thing he said, the worry about what would people say. So he must get his daughters married at an appropriate age, for fear of people; then he must agree to give dowry because otherwise they won’t get married, and then he must not pick a job closer home and live with his family, because of the same people’s fear… very sad.

    And not giving dowry for women means chances that the guy they are marrying has some ethics, and he cares for them.

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