Education does not mean we do not take dowry..

Conversation I heard in a life 3 days ago :

A- “If you have a daughter, the government gives you 20,000 INR or something like that”

B- ” Oh great, but what will I do if I have a son?”

C- ” Then you will take the 20,000 from the girl ha ha ( referring to dowry)

Me (Thinking to myself) – Why 20,000, you will make the girl’s family foot the entire wedding bill and the dowry which will  amount to 100,000 or more.

According to cost benefit analysis, even if the government were to give to any family money for raising a girl (link), the money spent on her marriage is far more than the money given. Looks like women are not people but things we place a value on.

Do not be fooled. This conversation did not take place in some village or among uneducated people. It took place abroad, among highly educated scientists. I do know a lot of highly educated people who do not mind dowry or the girl’s family footing the entire bill. After all, why say no to money you can demand for free at the cost of some one else’s misery?


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