News: Rape and a lame Indian judiciary

I read this article on IHM’s blog and it made me really angry..

Does a rapist deserve a reduced sentence because he lost control since he was living away from his family?.

This is one of the lamest things I have heard of.

To quote from the article – The Bombay High Court has reduced punishment for a man convicted of sodomising a 10-month-old girl child, accepting his contention that he lost control over himself as he was living away from his family.

Who loses control over a 10 month old child?If he had been with his family and lost control, he would rape his wife even when she did not want to have sex or with his kids? If it had been an older girl, they would just have blamed the girl of provoking the man and making him lose control. If men have absolutely no control over themselves, then why do they claim to be the superior sex and can you imagine our entire society is run and controlled by people out of control!

I think we need serious work on changing the mentality of the people – you rape, you are responsible and the judiciary should reinforce this not making the rapist feel justified. So many people live ‘away from their families’ and we see so many people wearing short clothes abroad. So is everyone raped? So men just go about losing control? What are living in? A society where half the population are raving mad and can lose control any moment? Shall we live in fear forever? Just another way to control women ad keep us submissive in fear…

This is one of lamest arguments I have heard in my life and shame on the lawyer and judge who let this thing fly without slamming it down completely.

I am really really disappointed with Bombay High court, M L Tahaliyani and Arfan Sait.

2 thoughts on “News: Rape and a lame Indian judiciary

  1. Extremely sad, unbelievable in fact. If I had not found the link and the details, I would have never believed this could be true. I hope the petition gets us some results. Tweet, share on facebook – let others know what Rape Culture is – you may also like to take a look at this article,

    Do be careful while writing against a court verdict, criticize the verdict, not those who gave it, to avoid being charged with contempt of court. So I would rather say, I am disappointed than say ‘shit’.

    1. Thank for the advice IHM 🙂 Will correct but this kinda thing does make me very very angry. I have been forwarding it to people I know and making people aware of it. It is sad when I see the reactions of foreigners as to how backward our society is

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