What struck me the most when I moved out of India

The first one week I was abroad, apart from the feelings of nervousness and homesickness, what struck me the most once I was alone was that I felt free. Like the air around me had been cleared.

I can walk anywhere I please without scores of men staring at me. I can dress the way I please. I can talk to strangers on the train without them thinking I am loose. I can travel alone after it is dark. No wolf whistles, “aati kya” (meaning come with me (for sex obviously)) on the roads. Bliss!

At the same time it makes me angry, that women in India cannot enjoy these privileges. Why can’t a girl not be allowed out alone after dark? Why can’t women be safe in our homes, in the places we grew up in?  Why can’t we have the freedom t go about our own businesses? Why can’t we wear what we please? Why can’t we use public transport without being stared at and groped? Why just because we are women? We are citizens of our country as much as men. Then why do we lack the basic freedom in our own country?

I hate that reasoning – you are a woman. Go to hell I say.


3 thoughts on “What struck me the most when I moved out of India

  1. It’s not because of all these reasons. The society we are brought up in contains much illiterates than literates; also people’re just frozen in the past. I don’t have anything to comment on the dressing sense now-a-days as I feel things are much better now since I see there are girls who dress up according to their wish, atleast in my place.

    1. I believe it is not only the question of literacy. Even highly educated people have very narrow mindsets! It is social indoctrination and a intense need to control women in every way.

    2. I had a friend train under a reputed bio science university department in Chennai. The head of the department and her mentor solicited her for sex, telling her “its ok ma, this happens, kandukaadhe”. So I dont believe education has everything to do with basic decency. I have seen street cleaners be more respectful and accompany me to the bus stop so that I get on it safely.

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