Mother Exchange Program

I saw this video being shared on FB about mother exchange program. 

The ad shows 2 mothers (A & B) whose sons are living in different cities(Chennai & Jodhpur). The mothers talk to each other over the phone and exchange their son’s favourite recipes. The mother in Jodhpur cooks sambar for the other lady’s son who is studying in Jodhpur. The mother in Chennai cooks Ghatte ki sabzi for the lady’s son who is studying in Chennai. I checked who commented the most on the video and it was mostly guys.

The Plus:

1. It is a good idea as in parents exchange.

2. Sentimental and tear jerking (not for me but for many people judging from the comments).

3. It is indeed a nice gesture to have that done to you. Need not be food per se.

The Minus:

1. Why only show sons? Why not one girl in Jodhpur and one boy in Chennai?

2. Why should only mothers cook? When will sons learn to cook for themselves and their parents? Their wives will take over the mothers?

3. Reinforces gender stereotypes and that does not make me feel good.

4. It is disappointing how most ads play upon sentiments of people and just keep on reinforcing gender stereotypes.

What is curry?

I came across this article about Indian curry and I had to share it because Indian food is reduced to one thing by many most foreigners – curry

Few excerpts –

” The word “curry” is widely misunderstood….In the South Asian mind, curry refers less to spice and more to the consistency of a dish…..To us, curry means “gravy.”

“In Tamil, the wordkari means a kind of gravy.”

Some thoughts..

1. Ask married women where they are the most relaxed and comfortable and they often say at their parent’s house, especially those who live with their in-laws. They can get up when they want, do what they want, have good food and generally relax. Why is it normal that married women who spend the majority of their lives with their spouses are more relaxed and comfortable in their parent’s houses which they visit once in a blue moon? Does it mean that most women spend their lives feeling uncomfortable restricted in terms of clothing and their daily routines being determined by others? [That was rhetorical]. It is not even fair and I don’t get why people defend this hmph.

2. My colleague told me she was upset because her dad told her she was fat.  She is skinnier than me and cannot weigh more than 48kg. Skinny Asian (east) women seem to spend their entire life complaining that they are fat and they have men who keep telling them that they are fat when they weigh 45kg or less. Every adult woman is supposed to weigh kg or less or what? To hell with it.

On Blackhat

I watched Blackhat the other day.

In one line – Don’t bother watching it. I like Chris Hemsworth aka Thor (Nick in the movie) but his good looks couldn’t save this movie. It is slow. The plot was weak. The villain didn’t seem to have enough motivation to do what he was doing. The ending is unbelievable. Do people think they can be on FBI + NSA hot list and take flights to other countries without problems? And who the hell goes about shooting FBI agents in public with machine guns unless again, they have strong motivation?  I dozed off during the climax scene and woke up asking ‘What happened?’ 20 minutes after the movie ended ha ha

To speak behind other’s backs is ….

I was reading ‘Embroideries’ by Marjane Satrapi last Saturday. 

 It was a short fun read. The book starts with this saying which made me laugh – 

Marjane Satrapi

 To speak behind others’ backs is the ventilator of the heart.

Don’t Cat

I was in Daiso, the other day and I was amused by Japanese ‘cat repellent’ products. They were cute cartoons & they were animal repellents. Only in Japan :D

1. ‘Don’t cat’ – Lost in translation ha ha. Product telling cats not to walk over that area or suffering ensues.


2.  The ‘nobody-loves-me’ cat :(


3. Crucifixion of Garfied?!


4. This cat has a bad day ahead after coming near the cat repellent.


5. The my-ass-is-on-fire cat


6. We don’t want birds either around here…

7.  Now, its the ants’ turn to suffer… Notice that the ant is wearing shoes while running away and its cheeks have turned red!

8.  We don’t like snakes, do we?


9.  Whoops, I shouldn’t have walked here


10. Sad unwanted animals :(( I want to give them a hug.


11. Finally a nice product to make cats happy :)


Interview on Madh Mama

I was away on a holiday in India eating lots of Pav Bhaji and Pani puri which explains my absence :D Meanwhile, I am so glad to be featured on one of my favorite bloggers – Madh Mama where I talk about my relationship!

You can check out the interview here.

BIrkenstock for our wedding

P.S: Check her blog www.madh-mama.blogspot.comeven if you are not in an intercultural relationship because she has so many interesting posts about so many different topics!