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My First Trip to Croatia – 1

Last Dec, I went to Croatia for the very first time to meet Uncle’s family and friends. We had a an awesome time though a bit tightly packed meeting so many people ;) We stayed in the capital city – Zagreb for 2-3 days when we landed and 2 more days on our way back.… Continue reading My First Trip to Croatia – 1


The Lone Tissue

I have had a tissue packet with 1 tissue inside for over 2 weeks now. Usually, I finish one packet before I open a new one. However this packet with 1 tissue has been lying around in my bag. I have used other new packets but not this one! Why you wonder? Because we bought… Continue reading The Lone Tissue


Travel Tips

Despite my pre travel jitters [not CC Jitters :P ]*, I am glad that travelling skills have improved. Travel Tips for Carry Ons: Have a hard shell carry on suitcase and a Handbag/Backpack. Keep the carry on empty if you are travelling to a cold climate except keeping your laptop. Take bags with a wide opening because you… Continue reading Travel Tips


Nerves Before Travel

Every time I am about to go on a trip, I am a bundle of nerves and so high on adrenaline that I don’t need caffeine ha ha. I am functioning on little sleep but finishing chores, planning, over analyzing and running around like an energizer Duracell bunny.  I don’t like leaving things half done before… Continue reading Nerves Before Travel


On Slow Travel

I was away on a holiday and came back a week ago. It usually takes me a week to recover from a holiday ha ha. Usually,  I tell myself that  I will write about the trip but never get around to writing it. This time, I took down notes and will update in order of… Continue reading On Slow Travel


Do natural cosmetics have a short shelf life?

My usage of cosmetics is quite slow as I am the only person using most of them along with the fact that I switch products depending on my mood. My Acure face wash ended up staying in my bathroom for quite a while, maybe a year till I realised that the original smell had changed.… Continue reading Do natural cosmetics have a short shelf life?